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Products - Upholstery

Come home to vibrant colors, which set your mood to relax and rejuvenate. It could be the double padded extra cushioning to your sofa, for that perfect neck and shoulder rest or it could be the mattresses’ specifications for your good night’s sleep. We take notice of your specifications and custom make it with your designs.

Sofas Chennai


We’re leaders when it comes to customizing sofas that suit your needs. We specialize in custom-made sofas, chairs and banquettes. We use the finest raw materials of world class standards.

When you’re back from a long day, sink into our plush sofas, which will take care of your shoulders and ease you up from the stress of work life. What you’ll adore

  • Sleek designs
  • Vibrant colors
  • Textures that match your persona
  • Rich fabrics

Headboards Chennai


Change the way your bedroom looks and feels with our unique variety of headboard options to choose from. Headboards are a compulsory feature as they provide rest to your neck and back. It’s always good to have a support when you’re slouching, it helps you ease your awkward posture and many feel comfortable resting their heads on these boards .

In Feng Shui a bed head stands for support stability and protection and it is also believed to bring good partnership.What you’ll adore

  • Variety of materials to choose from
  • Intricate designs
  • Well padded
  • Ease of comfort

Wall Panels Chennai

Wall Panels

Making walls come to life with our wall-paneling feature. Give your wall a perspective, a different kind of depth with our 3d wall panels providing insulation and sound proofing. Wall panels are not just a style statement but are very functional in every aspect.

  • 3D Wall Panel
  • Deep finishes
  • Framework that distinguishes the area
  • Different options including recycled materials

Acoustic Chennai


Living far away from the noise of the city is unavoidable but with our soundproofing measures you’ll definitely feel like you’re living away from the chaos. Our sound proofing solutions have helped many customers feel at ease within the house. Feel peaceful with our acoustic range.

  • Noise free solutions
  • Perfect sound scaling
  • Varied designs
  • Desired outlook

Bed Outer Chennai

Bed Outer

The exterior of the bed is as important as the interior. The exterior of the bed needs to be firm, strong and we custom make it according to your requirements. A kid’s bed would differ from an adult’s bed when it comes to the height and length. Keeping your requirements in mind we create a firm exterior which will enhance your room.

  • World class materials
  • Different types of wood finishes
  • Appropriate to the length and breath
  • Intricate work